01. The truck had a lot of trouble getting down the [narrow] street.
02. The old man [narrowly] missed being killed when a car almost hit him as he was crossing the street.
03. We paddled the canoe through a [narrow] channel, and into the open bay.
04. The NDP has won another provincial election; however, this time it is by the [narrowest] of majorities.
05. He has such a [narrow] mind. He is racist, sexist; everything you can imagine.
06. Be careful; the road [narrows] here, and you can't see cars coming from around the corner.
07. It is difficult to find shoes to fit Sophie because she has very [narrow] feet.
08. The fireman [narrowly] escaped death when the building collapsed, trapping him beneath a wall of burning rubble.
09. Henri Frederic Amiel once observed that for purposes of action, nothing is more useful than [narrowness] of thought combined with energy of will.
10. There is a Chinese proverb which observes that he who is [narrow]-minded cannot be big-hearted.
11. The word "Quebec" is a native Indian word from the Algonquins, and means "[narrowing] of the waters".
12. Neils Bohr once said that an expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made in a very [narrow] field.
13. If the roof of your mouth is [narrow], you are more likely to snore because you are not getting enough oxygen through your nose.
14. Experts say that when you are riding a bicycle on a road that is [narrow], cyclists should ride in the center of the lane.
15. [Narrow], twisting paths snake through Afghanistan's rugged landscape.
16. Vietnam is a long country, wide at both ends, and very [narrow] in the middle.
17. Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is a long, [narrow] city built on the banks of the Kura River.
18. The island nation of Tonga has a small, open economy with a [narrow] export base in agricultural products.
19. The street was too [narrow] for the two cars to pass.
20. We can describe most things in our environment at a variety of levels of abstraction, from very broad and general categories, to very [narrow] and specific terms.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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